Apple Watch: First thoughts and impressions

Apple Watch: First thoughts and impressions

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Since I wasn’t able to get my hands on an Apple watch, not even a demo unit, I will keep this article for what I say it is, just my first thoughts and impressions on this timepiece.


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As a watch.

Well, on the announcement, it boasts that it’s the most accurate timepiece in the market.  It syncs to an atomic clock, the same one used on satellites.  It can do all the basic functions of the watch with the choice of changing into different watch faces to view whatever fancies your eyes. It can do weather, stop watch, stocks etc… show it to you in multiple ways possible.  No questions asked, it’s a good timepiece and can do what the most expensive watch can do, and even more.

As a smartwatch, The Apple watch brought in new things on the table. Some functionality we would never have thought to be useful.

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Sketch. I think this is a great way to reply to someone.  It removes the hassle of typing on a small keyboard, just draw your reply with your finger, a simple OK, or Later or Call you back, or draw up the simple icons just as the photo above suggests.

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Heart Beat. I thought they would dump this feature due to the buggy sensors, at least that is what the rumors told us, that the sensor for health wasn’t working well, I guess they were wrong.  Until we really know if they are buggy or not, all we can do is hope for the best that they do work.  Aside from being able to read your heart rate on daily sports activities, you can actually send someone your heart beat right at the moment.  In a local slang, we call this type of action as “CHAR” hahahaha, but it is what it is, and I am sure young love birds will go crazy over this.

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Digital Taps. Talk about morse code, or even better, ghostly taps from your watch that will make your hair stand, and just like the heart beat above, this will drive you, love birds, over the edge after their loved one sends them a digital touch of some sort. TAPTIC Engine, a linear actuator inside the Apple watch, is the one responsible for this.  It gives one HAPTIC feedback.  Just think of it as a digital flying kiss.

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OT: I expected this technology to be already on the iPhone 6, but I read that they had calibration issues which forced them to take this out at the last minute.  On the iPhone 6, it would allow you to feel what you are touching on the screen. Just imagine, it translates the texture of surface into a series of digital vibrations allowing you to feel what you are touching on the screen.  Very exciting technology. I am sure this will be ready to roll out soon, either on the 6s or the iPhone 7.

Here are more smart ways to communicate via the Apple Watch:

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There are also other ways to quickly reply on the Apple Watch; Via a set of Emojis stored on the watch itself, a quick voice message or voice reply, which you will record through the built-in microphone on the Apple Watch, or the ability to send your location to your loved one so they can quickly follow you to where you are.


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Wireless Charging.  First off, FINALLY, a glimpse of wireless charging on an Apple Device.  Please let it be out on your iDevices soon! The Apple watch comes with a new MagSafe inductive charging technology. Say What?? Let me try to translate that. It comes with a self-aligning magnet to make sure your charger aligns itself properly at the bottom and allows your wireless sensors to make full wireless contact.  It uses the MagSafe technology of the older MacBooks (which is now obsolete due to the conversion to the USBC type connectors. See MacBook 12″ release) I wonder if Apple will release Charging docks for this watch, that would be nice to have, just hang your watch, it locks up and charges or even just make charging plates where you can put your watch on top and it charges already. Definitely a lot of room for improvement here.


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Health and Sports. I don’t think Apple is ready to replace my Garmin 910Xt when I do my activities, but for sure, when I get my hands on it, I will do some tests on using them both together.  One major downside of that, the Apple Smartwatch won’t be able to read the sensors on my bike.  To compare with the likes of Jawbone UP and other health bands out though, it makes up for the lack of sleep monitoring with its heart rate monitor and  this will hopefully give you a better calorie counting algorithm.  It can’t track sleep because I am sure apple expects you to be charging your watch at night.  For the average person, this would be a good mix of a smart watch and health band already but it’s certainly not made for the serious athlete training for the next sports event (as opposed to what they advertised).

The funny thing about their Sports Video ad is that it shows these people working out with the Apple Watch but the iPhone is nowhere on them, unless they tucked it in somewhere in their shorts?Do remember, the Apple watch works better with the iPhone since it doesn’t have a built-in GPS.  Without GPS, you can’t get accurate distance and speed results.



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The GOLD reinvented.

And the mere fact that People on the interweb are now comparing it or saying they would rather buy a Rolex or Audimars Piguet, their strategy worked. As a smart watch, I think the Pebble Time can do more in function and battery life, but on form factor and appeal, which is critical when dealing with a timepiece on your wrist, Apple wins the deal.  If they didn’t come up with the Gold watch, they would be compared right now with the Pebble and other hundreds of smart watches and people will start comparing the basic functions, where, I think, in my opinion, apple falls a little short on.

Now the exquisite watch collectors will still have reason to buy this new Apple watch, not because it’s smarter, but because it’s made of no ordinary GOLD. They won’t feel it’s a downgrade at all.

Here is Apple’s video about their Gold Alloy and what makes it special:



Battery Life 18 hours. I guess this technological issue isn’t really because of Apple but it’s because of the battery tech itself. To get all of those functions and beautiful screen outputs, the battery life just couldn’t match up.  That is why Pebble time opted for the e-paper solution, which brought them up to 10 days on their smart watch. Although, Apple announced that it does have a 72-hour battery life reserve, but they were vague on this and we will just have to wait for actual results.

We also felt that the notifications for other apps wasn’t highlighted, either it’s not there or they only have it to work for iMessage, email and calls.  the advantage of being a smart watch is, they can always do an update and each update will for sure make the smart watch feel like brand new.

I won’t make any conclusions as of now, since this is just my initial impression on the official release and announcement by Apple. But I will say this, I think that Apple has tipped the industry of time and all the watch makers have stumbled upon a crossroad to either get more expensive and just tell time or do more than that.

Now, time to wait for my Apple Watch and put it to the test!

tech it out!


Source: All photos and data come from the Apple Website.








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