COMELEC in the Philippines Hacked- You need to know this!

COMELEC in the Philippines Hacked- You need to know this!

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Sad news for this elections. The website called “” claims it has hacked into the Comelecs database and dumped all the date into the interweb.  From Registered Voters info, passport numbers, biometric codes, email addresses and all that.


What could this mean?

1.) It means that this data could possible be hacked backed into the System during election time and change your votes.

2.) Imagine what a hacker with our personal data can do, from identity theft to account hacking.

Here is the website. Check if your data is there, AT YOUR OWN RISK.



What is this all about?
As you know (or don’t know), recently LulzSec Pilipinas have hacked They have dumped the database of about 70 million of Philippines voters and have published all the data at The database contains a lot of sensitive information, including fingerprint data and passport information. So, we thought that it would be fun to make a search engine over that data.

Why are we doing this?
For lulz. Hackers just hack and download data from websites but we make it accessible for anyone. It’s one thing to hear news about a huge data leak and another to is see your data in a public website. Maybe, at least now, government will start thinking about security of citizens’ personal data.




More news about it on BBC:

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