JIBO – The world’s first robot for your home

JIBO – The world’s first robot for your home

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When I was going up there were a lot of shows with robots in them that served the people at home.


Rosie from the Jetsons



Irona from Richie Rich


R2D2 and CP30 from Star Wars


With the recent development of SIRI from Apple, Google Now from Google and Cortana from Microsoft, the advent of Aritifial intelligence is almost upon us..

This is the first product that will probably be released third quarter of 2015.  Imagine, your first robot, and I dare say, the end is near.

Introducing JIBO.

He takes photos, tells stories, reads messages and notifies you of just about anything. It’s just like giving Siri a body.  And as smarthomes get more popular with home appliances getting controlled with your smartphones, soon you will be giving out voice commands to your Robo-Butler who will then relay that command to your appliance.

“Mow the lawn Jarvis” and your GPS powered electric lawn mower runs to your yard.

Yes. The age of robotics is upon us.


Right now they have stopped taking orders for JIBO and are focusing on delivering their first batch of orders to those who supported the crowdfunding at indiegogo.com

For more information visit JIBO.com


Tech it out!

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