Our Quick take on the Samsung Galaxy S

Our Quick take on the Samsung Galaxy S

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I know that the first device I should be testing this with should be my Samsung Note 4, but since my main phone is an Iphone 6 I decided to just go ahead and test it with an iPhone 6.
So lets begin.
I am going to breeze through the physical part of it so we can get down to what It can do.
What’s in the box:
It comes with
  • The watch
  • Extra White Strap
  • The charging/portable battery pack
  • The Manual
Now this Unit was purchased in Hong Kong so the Manuals we got were in Chinese, So we had to go to Samsung’s website for the an English Manual.
Chaussure Balenciaga pas cher Here is run through on the specs:
39.9 x 58.1 x 12.5
2.0” Curved Super AMOLED (360 x 480)
Dual core 1.0 GHz
900/2100 or 850/1900 (3G)
900/1800 or 850/1900 (2G)
RAM : 512MB
Storage : 4GB Internal Memory
Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass, Heart Rate, Ambient Light,
UV, Barometer
WiFi :802.11 b/g/n, A-GPS/Glonass
Bluetooth® : 4.1
USB : USB 2.0
Codec : MP3/AAC/AAC+/eAAC+
Format : MP3, M4A, WMA, AAC, OGG
300mAh Li-ion
Tizen based wearable platform
What can it Do?
Well the most unique part of this Samsung Gear S compared to any and most of competitors out right now in the smart watch segment is it can be a stand alone phone. It can accept a nano SIM Card with HSDPA or 3G connection.  What does this mean? It means, that you can make calls, and send text messages on the watch directly with out the need of phone connected to it.  Although functionality as a phone is still limited. You can make calls as well through built in speaker and mic, browse the net through the browser and get some news update,that’s it. You cannot send new mails but you can reply to mail when you are connected to a SAMSUNG phone.
Experience and Testing with the iPhone 6.
We did have a hard time setting it up at first due to the Chinese default language since as I said earlier this was bought in Hong Kong. The English Manual dowloaded didn’t help as well.  Anyway after a bit of googling I was able to get in and change the Menu to English.
– You need to setup the watch first as a stand alone watch in order for you to be able to pair it with the iPhone.  Although you can pair it directly on the iPhone, you won’t able to do anything unless you set it up as a stand alone watch.  (When pairing with a SAMSUNG Note 4 you will get a totally different experience and you will read about that later as this article will be continue by my colleague and bro Axtian.)
Setting up as  a stand alone phone:
– Thank god to youtube user “myphotopick” for the guide or else I would have probably given up on this especially since I had to do this on a Chinese Menu System.
What can I do on the Gear S and the iPhone?
Unfortunately, the usage is very very Limited.
  1. Bluetooth Headset – The Gear S acts a bluetooth headset for the iPhone 6, so whenever I get a call I can answer it on the watch. I can literally talk on the watch and here the person I am talking to on the watch. You easily send the call to and from the watch.   For me this is an awesome NOVELTY feature and is useful when taking Non-private calls.  It also makes you look real cool and futuristic or Send you back to 80s.
  2. Dialer – the watch can also dial any number. What it cannot do though is see the contacts on the iPhone. Sadly, you cannot sync anything, so you will just have to memorise the numbers and dial them if you do want to call from the watch.  BUT you can make the call from the phone where all your contacts are and it should patch the call to the watch easily without any hitches.
  3. Caller ID – yes you can see the number of the person calling you and you can also see the number of the person you are calling but that’s it.  Since contacts are not synced, you just have to look at your phone and see who is calling you from there. This is a major let down as this is one of the essential things a smart watch can do for you, inform you of who is calling.

Sad to say those are the only things it can do for now when paired with the iPhone.

  • No Notifications of any sort for Messages, SMS, twitter, Facebook
  • No Syncing with any applications
  • No Voice Dial Activation



Enter Axtian


So I’ve finally paired the Gear S with my Galaxy Note 4 and once you pair it via Bluetooth, it automatically installs the Samsung Gear Manager App. The app lets you change clock skins, install gear apps, change settings of the Samsung Gear S by just using the app on your phone. It’s relatively simple and the initial setup is actually easier then what I expected. I only had problems once but it was because of our Office internet acting up.

Unlike the Gear S + iPhone pairing, this smartwatch shines when paired with a Samsung Android device. We haven’t tested pairing this with other Android devices that aren’t Samsung so we don’t know if the experience is the same.

  • Fully synced contacts and messages  – No problems searching your phone contacts through your watch. Replying messages and calling people also works flawlessly
  • Gear Apps – I haven’t really tested this fully since there aren’t that much apps and some apps aren’t even free. But I did install Gear tasks which integrates and syncs with Google Tasks and other Task management apps. It works great and I really think it’s really handy that you can access your daily To-Dos or Grocery list on your wrist.

  • Fully synced Notifications – You can either choose to show ALL notifications from your phone to show on your Samsung Gear S or just selected apps.


  • You can take quick notes or quick replies with it but I did have problems typing on a very small keyboard and I find myself correcting typos often.

Overall, it is a unique experience. This is the first ever smartwatch that I’ve tried using. I didn’t get the Pebble, or Android Wear so everything feels new to me. It’s weird texting on your wrists and it’s even weirder taking calls. I did like the experience of just checking your notifications without having to get your phone. But I think that other smart watches do this also.


Back to Ryan

Thanks Axtian. Well since we really didn’t have much time to run more tests since we had to return the unit to the owner already we will just give you our quick take on this smart-time piece.

As a Watch

– It stands out, with its curving display, it makes you feel like you came out of a star-trek movie. For those looking for that elegant, classic looking watch feel, this definitely isn’t for you but for those who want to be in the future, this one of the slickest futuristic looking smart watch in the market with no one to in its class due to its large CURVE display.

As a health monitoring device

– Health is wealth, and people are getting more into monitoring daily activities. This watch does it well due to its built in GPS tracker.  You can monitor everything from the watch without the need of a phone connected to it.  So in this department, it plays well for the health buffs. Do take note we were able to test it fully with any sports or sleeping activity.

As a smartwatch

– Being a heavy pebble user, my best interpretation of a smart watch is that it should notify you of every activity on your smartphone without the need of pulling out the phone from your pocket, and in some instances do quick replies. It should also be able to control your camera remotely and track your health all together.  The Gear S can do just that when paired with a Samsung device, but with an iPhone it can’t.  It can also do more since you can install a sim card on it.

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