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So whats new? Definitely some trend setting new features on the 6s. Here are the key upgrades and my thoughts on them. – 4k Video recording: Overkill but very welcome, as long as it doesn’t eat up too ...
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Finally, it’s here! We’ve been waiting for this watch since it got announced in Kickstarter. I’ve played with it for almost a week now and here is my detailed review about the new Pebble Time HARDWARE Out of ...
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If the Oculus Rift was made for PC’s, then there is one for your Smartphone too! Tech out this cool accessory from Fine Upgrades that will convert your Smartphone into a Virtual Reality Gadget and get ready to ...
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Here is a glimpse of the Oculus Rift DKII. We know the final version has finally been launched and released in the US but we don’t have that yet, hopefully we get our hands on that and feature ...
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Sony Releases 4k Resolutions TVs with ANDROID built in. They are the first in the world to do this.  How cool is that? Tech this episode out! ...
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Yes we have art schools, dance schools and many more, but now, we have a new Robotics school is now in Cebu. Compass Education focuses on science, technology, engineering, arts and math. Tech it this episode out with ...
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Piso-Piso – A very common term you hear when you visit the Sari Sari stores around Cebu. It could mean, a Computer Station, Water Machine or Coffee Machine, drop a coin and you are good to go. Here ...
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    On that photo president of Sony Philippines, Nobayuki Otake Sony says 4k is getting more accessible to everyone, anyone with a mobile phone or camera can easily contribute to 4k media TV’s are slimmer, new x9000 ...
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Microsoft Hyperlapse Now Available Publicly

This was covered here in Tech Island back when this R&D gem was still in its infancy. Microsoft has just made Hyperlapse available to the public! This piece of software is great tool to stabilize first-person footage in ...
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