Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4

What does Batman Arkham, Tom Clancy, Deus Ex, Bioshock franchise and 600+ more games have in common?

They’re all made with Unreal engine. Epic (the developers of the Unreal game engine) has just made  free for everyone to use. This means that as indie game developers, students, basically everyone who has passion for creating games gets access to these tools, it results in more better games! What used to be a 25% royalty on gross revenue is now 5% on the first $3000 revenue per product per quarter, Epic is really pushing for game developers to use this tool.

So you ask, what is the extent to this ‘free’? Well, according to the , you are:

  • Have access to the source code.
  • Use the tool even if the company you are working for doesn’t utilize UE4.
  • Create videos or streams for YouTube ad revenue.

Do check out the FAQ page for the complete details. In lieu, its system requirements are…I might just take it for a spin myself.

Windows 7 64-bit or a Mac with Mac OS X 10.9.2 or later,
a quad-core Intel or AMD processor,

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DX11 compatible video card
UE4 will run on desktops and laptops below these recommendations, but performance may be limited.

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