Arrog Now Available on Android, a Game About What Death Represents


A new game called Arrog is available on Android and iOS this week, but it’s a bit deeper (or shallow, depending on your perspective) than your typical Android game. Arrog is a puzzle adventure game, though, a playthrough should only take you about 20-30 minutes.

The game’s description reads, “Help a man travel through his dreams, as he must learn to accept his own death.” I’ve been told by people that I can be pretty morbid, so already I know I’ll like this game. For gameplay, the player is supposed to go through black-and-white levels with puzzles scattered throughout. There’s a handcrafted soundtrack to go along with gameplay, so instead of blasting through the game, try to decipher its deeper message about death and just enjoy the experience.

There’s special launch pricing available, bringing the game down to just $1.99 from its soon-to-be-typical $2.99 price


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