Bujinkan Ninjutsu Training – "What Is Ninjutsu?"


Most everyone in the world has heard of the Ninja. In the Western world the word Ninja has been “Hollywood-ed” to the point of almost making it a blasphemous word within the world of the martial arts. With that, the mystery around Bujinkan Ninjutsu, one of the 3 approaches to ninjutsu available to the modern student, has become more distorted to unimaginable depths.

Therefore, because of the effect that Hollywood and the media has had on warping people’s perceptions as to what is, and what is not real Ninjutsu…

… many people think they know what a Ninja is, but once they look into the art they become confused, because it appears nothing like what the mainstream media makes it out to be. Then they find themselves asking, “What is Ninjutsu?”

Some will define Ninjutsu as the Ancient Art of the “Shadow Warriors” of Japan, and others will say that it is lore and legend only – that it doesn’t exist. But, the reality of it is that there really is not a right or wrong answer because everyone’s perception is different. Sure one could loosely say it is a martial art or define it by the nine schools within modern Bujinkan Ninjutsu, but in reality it is the Path of the “Enlightened Warrior,” and everyone, including you and I, will have to walk their own path and define it for themselves. This is the only way to figure out what Ninjutsu – what Bujinkan Ninjutsu – really is.

Many martial artists will say that only “flunkies”, and those who should be playing Dungeon’s and Dragon’s will seek out Ninjutsu, or that it is not a real Martial Art. In a sense they are correct because many will look towards being a “Ninja” for the wrong reasons. And I myself have written and taught extensively on why I believe that Ninjutsu is not actually a real martial art. I say this because Hollywood has made the term “Ninja” so mainstream and distorted it in such a way that it peaks the curiosity of millions daily – but in the wrong way.

As far as my opinion that Ninjutsu is not a real martial art, I say that with the utmost certainty. And, I say it because, in terms of what conventional martial arts have become in Today’s world…

… the truth is that Ninjutsu is much more than a physical fighting system like most other systems.

Now that you are good and confused, take a breath and ask yourself why you are reading this. I don’t mean to confuse you, but I can see how you might be.

And if you are confused, may I suggest that it is not me doing this to you. But rather the confusion is coming from the conflict between what you believe Ninjutsu training to be, and what I, a trained teacher of over 30 years in the art…

… is telling you that it “is.”

The question is…

Are you looking for something more in life spiritually, financially, physically, mentally or emotionally – of producing results with the least amount of effort? Or are you looking for a conventional system of stylized punching, kicking, etc? If you’re looking for the latter, I can’t help you. But…

If you’re looking for the former – if you want to be able to use these timeless, proven, and effective skills, strategies and tactics for success in all areas of your life…

… and you’re ready to become more of what you think you should be, then you are probably ready to learn what Ninjutsu really is.

Source by Jeffrey Miller


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