Camera Accessory and Headphone Deals


Powerbeats Pro for $170 ($30 off): Like the AirPods Pro, the Powerbeats Pro are the wireless version of our favorite workout buds.
HiFiMan HE-560 V4 Premium Planar Magnetic Headphones for $249 ($650 off): This is an unbelievable price for planar magnetic headphones, which work by using two magnets on either side of a vibrating diaphragm. They’re pricier to manufacture, but audiophiles love them for their sound accuracy and deep bass.
Joby GorillaPod for $25 ($10 off): A small tripod for your phone can be incredibly convenient, whether you’re filming a TikTok or running a Zoom meeting while cooking in the kitchen. GorillaPods are reliable and bendy, so you can affix them almost anywhere.
Tamron 70-120-mm f/4 Lens for Canon EF With Tripod Mount Ring and Memory Card for $399 ($400 off): According to WIRED reviewer Jess Grey, this is a great lens for Canon full-frame cameras. It’s perfect for outdoor photography but will still work well for portraits.


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