Celebrity Ghost Stories – James Cagney


Hollywood actor James Cagney, most famous for his iconic gangster roles, had a strange experience whilst driving to San Francisco with his wife in 1964. The fact that Cagney had no interest or belief whatsoever in the paranormal makes his experience seem all the more weird.

It was very late at night, and Cagney was driving around 85 miles per hour. Suddenly, he heard a voice in his ear say: “Take it easy, kid!” Initially, Cagney thought that it was his wife, Billy, imitating him. But when he turned to look at her, she said: “Did you hear it too?”

At first, Cagney dismissed the voice as nothing, and simply disregarded its warning. He put his foot down on the accelerator. But then, to his surprise, he heard the voice again, this time in a louder tone: “Take it easy, kid!”

Utterly stunned, Cagney turned to his wife and said that he recognized the voice as that of his father. Even Billy herself agreed with him on this.

Then, a hundred yards ahead of them, they saw a broken-down trailer lying across the road. Apparently it had become adrift from a car a few moments before. Fortunately, Cagney saw it in time, and took a quick detour. He said that if they had been driving at 85 miles per hour, they would have smashed right into the trailer.

Cagney’s father had been an Irish bartender, and had been dead for some years. Although Cagney had always been a hardened skeptic, he could not shake off the feeling that the strange disembodied voice he’d heard in the car was definitely his father’s voice speaking to him from beyond the grave.

Source by Alan Toner


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