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It is not a big secret that John Mayer has several tattoos of his own. At first glance you wouldn’t think this clean cut romantic would have quite the tattoo collection, but he does! John has at least 8 tattoos and a huge sleeve on his left arm that covers up a some of his other tattoos. But if you look closely you can still see them.

John’s tattoos include:

1. A Japanese-inspired tattoo that is on his inner left bicep.

2. The word “Home” on his left Bicep.

3. The Word “Life” on his right Bicep.

4. On his Left upper arm “SRV” which stands for Stevie Ray Vaughan, who inspired John to pick up a guitar.

5. On his right bicep a Koi fish.

6. Three squares on his forearm that he is filling in at different times.

7. The numbers 77 on the left side of his chest close to his heart. John was born in 1977.

8. An unknown possibly Japanese artwork on his left inner upper arm.

9. The sleeve on his left arm that has some Japanese artwork including symbolic peonies.

John says his first tattoo was of the Koi fish on his right bicep. Apparently, John had always wanted a tattoo and he enjoyed his experience he had in Japan while he was studying there so that inspired his first tattoo.

“Actually it is kind of a crudely drawn-I think it’s a fish that doesn’t exist in nature, but that’s okay because it exists on my arm. It’s like a Japanese style, like an Asian style fish.

I got when I was 18, I think. I studied Japanese for a couple years and lived in Japan and I could never get a tattoo when I was there because I was too young. So, when I turned eighteen I was like, “Yeah, give me a Japanese tattoo.” Except I got my Japanese tattoo done authentically in Bridgeport, Conn. by a guy that just wanted more black coffee.”

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