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There is no doubt about it some people just do not think at all when they get a tattoo. This can also be said for several celebrities. Some celebrities will just get a tattoo for the sake of getting a tattoo, others get them while, drunk or high on drugs, which is never a good combination when getting a tattoo. One may wonder if the following celebrities were under some of those conditions when they got their now famous ink.

Below is a list of some of your favorite celebrities and their interesting tattoos:

*Melanie Griffith- yellow pear tattoo on her butt

*Bill Murray- has a cartoon duck on his shoulder

*David Beckham- has “Vihctoria” tattooed on his arm. It is misspelled because is actually written in Hindi. He thought it would be “tacky” to have it written in English

*David Spade- a tattoo of Calvin, of Calvin and Hobbes, which was done by actor Sean Penn

*Geena Davis- has the Denny’s logo on ankle (reportedly to cover up her ex-husband’s name, Renny)

*Steve-O- has a huge portrait of himself covering his whole back that read “Yeah Dude, I rock! Steve-O”

*Janet Jackson- has a tattoo of Minnie Mouse giving Mickey Mouse a BJ on her hip.

*Mike Tyson-tribal design on his face

*Jamie Foxx-has a tribal design on the back of his head.

* Amy Winehouse-bare chested pin up girl on her forearm

* Eva Longoria-has “Nine” tattooed on the back of her neck to represent husband Tony Parker’s basketball number.

*Johnny Depp-Has the famous Wino Forever tattooed on his arm.

*Kelly Clarkson- outline of the state of Texas on her hip.

*Gavin Rossdale- has his dog’s name, Winston, on his wrist.

*Brad Pitt-has several lines tattooed on his back.

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