Double Fine head Tim Schafer says its next game won’t be a sequel or adaptation


Double Fine studio head Tim Schafer recently gave an interview to IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey fresh on the heels of Psychonauts 2 winning Game of the Year and Schafer himself receiving the Andrew Yoon Legend Award at the 2022 New York Game Awards. In the interview, Schafer provided some insight into the course of his career, Double Fine and its relationship with Microsoft, and what’s next for the studio.

Schafer strongly emphasized that Double Fine’s next project or phase of projects would be completely original ideas as opposed to any sequels or adaptations of pre-existing properties.

“[Our] first big follow up to a big story was Psychonauts 2” he explained, “I think it leads me to want to do new original stuff.”

Schafer was firm on that point even with the temptation of having his “revenge” on ’90s adventure game giant (and LucasArts rival) Sierra by taking over their King’s Quest series, now owned by Microsoft.



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