Genshin Impact players are losing it over update 2.5’s new characters



Genshin Impact’s 2.5 “When the Sakura Bloom” update has fans of the game losing their minds over its three new characters, one of which is a weekly boss. New characters show up in the anime gacha game all the time, but the 2.5 update, set for February 16, confirms popular leaks of some of the most anticipated ones.

Yae Miko, the pink-haired fox lady, will finally be playable as a five-star Electro Catalyst user.  We’ve met the intimidating woman before and have seen some of her AoE-based moveset in leaks, but with today’s livestream, it’s all official. Her banner will be available for the first half of the update.

Yae has been long-awaited by fans, largely because of her influence in the story and connection to another popular character from the Inazuma region, Raiden Shogun—who is also the character many fans pair up with Yae in one of the game’s most popular ships. The livestream also announced that you’ll be able to reroll for the Raiden Shogun after the Yae banner, which is particularly rude for anyone trying to pick them both up without spending any money.

It isn’t just playable characters that have Genshin players drooling though. A multi-armed and horned version of the Raiden Shogun will be a weekly boss. Leaks suggest she’ll be tough to beat with six phases, but everyone seems to be lining up for a chance to meet her.



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