Google Adds Another Batch of Games to Smart Displays


Over the summer, Google introduced a first batch of games for smart displays, so that while you sit at your desk or hover in the kitchen, you can find a little enjoyment on the side. Today, they added even more games that you’ll find by saying, “Hey Google, let’s play a game.”

In addition to the games, when on your smart display, Google will now highlight feature games, top-ranked games, and those that you have recently played. You should start to see cards and tiles that will allow you to launch them with a single touch too.

For new games, the list includes a bunch of word-related games, as well as some fun kid stuff. Here is a short list of them:

Horizontal Crosswords
Game of Words
Voice Quest
Power of Words
Daily Word Wheel
Daily Brain Trainer
Brainwash Puzzle
My Smart Pet
Hey Fish
Hello Kitty


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