Google’s next move to keep Stadia alive: license it to anyone with cash

Detail of hands holding a Google Stadia video game controller, taken on November 27, 2019. (Photo by Olly Curtis/Future Publishing via Getty Images)


Google Stadia was once, apparently, the future. Google itself declared it “alive and well” in May last year before, in June, announcing it would be licensing the tech out to “industry partners.” What was intended as a long-term platform for Google’s involvement in gaming became, instead, a piece of tech that could maybe be sold to other businesses.

A recent partnership with AT&T allowed customers of that service to play Batman: Arkham Knight. Now a new report from Business Insider further details Google’s progress in turning Stadia into a white-label streaming platform (one licensed by businesses and used under their own branding).

The strategy is known internally as Google Stream, which curiously enough was one of the prototype names for Stadia. Potential clients include Bungie, though it’s unclear how Sony acquiring the studio earlier this week may affect that. Bungie was apparently interested in a deal whereby it would use Stadia as a back-end for its own content and “front-end experience.” Capcom is another potential client cited by Business Insider, with the publisher apparently interested in using the tech to power demos.

Google being Google it is also aiming wider than the obvious: Another client announced last year was the fitness-bike maker Peloton, with a game called ‘Lanebreak’ getting a closed demo.



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