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Built in the year 1958, the Hollywood Walk of Fame has now become one of the most iconic landmarks of the city of Los Angeles. Originally planned as a series of 2,500 stars that would honor historical and well known personalities, over 1,500 were awarded within the first sixteen months of the project. Hollywood boulevard was once the happy haunt of many celebrities, today you are unlikely to catch a glimpse of one in the flesh but one could gaze down upon a bronze star that has effectively immortalized them.

The Hollywood of Fame being more than a tribute to the legends of Hollywood chronicles the meteoric rise of America’s film industry from the days of silent cinema to the present billion dollar blockbusters. The “sidewalk” stars salute actors, singers, directors, songwriters and other well known show biz personalities; even Bugs Bunny has his own star!

Though the Hollywood Walk of Fame usually honors stars with bronze five pointed stars, the astronauts on the Apollo IX mission to the moon, got moons. These tributes are interesting and can be seen at the intersection of Hollywood and Vine. Below the star, one can usually see a small emblem that signifies whether the star was an actor, a singer or a director etc. Usually a motion picture camera signifies a contribution to the film industry, a television set denotes the television industry, a phonograph record stands for the music industry, a microphone for the radio broadcast industry and the twin comedy masks stand for theatre.

Annually a number of stars are awarded “stars” on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. The ceremony is usually quite interesting though one needs to find out the exact time and place before hand. Other interesting annual events is the get together of Beatles fans near John Lennon’s star and the ritual cleaning of the stars by a group of fans calling themselves “the star polishers.”

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