Huawei Mate 40 Pro Camera Review


The Huawei Mate forty Pro digital digicam is via way of means of all technical measures a totally amazing picturegraph seize gadget. As an evolution of the proven P40 Pro and P40 Pro+ cameras, it comes with thrilling hardware and tuning updates that makes it the brand new hardware king, handiest to be superseeded via way of means of Mate forty Pro+. But to realize what its true picturegraph excellent (IQ) is and what feasible tradeoffs there can also additionally be, we analyzed the maximum minute pictures info and information.

Image Quality Analysis
A notice approximately our Uber-G Camera IQ rating: our scoring gadget is primarily based totally on four “Pillars” sub-rankings that could assist inform a fuller tale: Day, Night, Ultrawide, and Zoom images. If you need to realize extra approximately how the rating works, head to our Camera IQ benchmark page.

A worldwide digital digicam rating is obvious and straightforward, however the pillars assist inform a higher tale for folks that need to have a extra nuanced view of the digital digicam’s Image Quality. You can also additionally additionally need to examine our What is (objective) Image Quality article?

Important: let’s make clear a few terminology we’ll be using:

Image Processing: software program paintings that improves the picturegraph information excellent
Image Filtering: software program paintings that modifications the style (aesthetic) of the image.
Context Photo: a superb approximation of what our eyes see, inclusive of how darkish the scene without a doubt is. It is handiest to offer the important context of the shot and now no longer a excellent benchmark.
Camera hardware
The Huawei Mate forty Pro is an evolution of the Huawei P40 Pro collection, however there are updates which are really well worth noticing. In my opinion, the maximum impactful one is the addition of a Multispectral Color Temperature Sensor to assist with correct colour seize.

The 2d extrade is the bigger Ultrawide digital digicam sensor, the enterprise’s biggest on this category. This new sensor is paired with the identical 18mm optics as before.

The Primary digital digicam now no longer functions an optical picturegraph stabilization gadget (OIS), however this modification does now no longer appear to make a great impact.

Our Uber HW Camera benchmark (examine the HW FAQ) suggests that the general hardware configuration of the Mate forty Pro is barely stronger than even the P40 Pro +, and quite a few this has to do with that new Ultrawide sensor. We regularly rank the great digital digicam hardware via way of means of

Uber HW Camera v1.1
246 Huawei Mate forty Pro
238 Huawei P40 Pro+
236 Huawei P40 Pro
201 Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
157 Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max
Huawei Mate forty Pro Huawei P40 Pro+
Primary 27mm 50-MP f/1.9 27mm 50-MP f/1.9+OIS
Zoom short N/A 81mm 8-MP f/2.4 +OIS
Zoom long 125mm 12-MP f/3.4 +OIS 269mm 8-MP f/4.4 +OIS
Ultrawide 18mm 20-MP f/1.8 18mm forty-MP f/1.8
Daylight Photography

In sunlight hours images, the Huawei Mate forty Pro builds at the paintings accomplished with P40 Pro and P40 Pro+ with very comparable degree of info however higher colour seize. In the past, we’ve observed that Huawei cameras every now and then shifted colours a piece, however Mate forty Pro is lots extra on factor and produces practical colour colorings out of the box.

Huawei may want to do higher if it enabled a 50 Megapixel image seize in “auto” mode as it’s miles in reality extraordinarily hard to overcome a 108MP seize from competing phones, with a 12MP image output due to the drawback in info and texture.

As we’ve stated formerly, the present day super-excessive-decision sensors do produce a better degree of info in vivid lighting fixtures conditions, whilst the small 0.8-micron pixel length can clear up first-class info.

Context image, barely over-uncovered to mirror the scene because the eyes see it
MATE forty PRO

P40 PRO+

The Mate forty Pro has extra conservative publicity settings, which don’t seize the scene as you spot it, however that is simple to enliven a piece. While the P40 Pro+ had a moderate pink tint, the Mate forty Pro receives the colour colorings proper – this is going to be the overarching topic of this digital digicam.

Night Photography (Primary digital digicam)

The Huawei Mate forty Pro night time pictures have extra practical and saturated colours than the P40 Pro+, which tended to scrub matters out a piece. The picturegraph-filtering is likewise exclusive and regularly does a higher process at maintaining texture. The house’s fish scale siding is a superb instance, wherein P40 Pro+ made the sample appearance hexagonal whilst it’s a gaggle of discs.

A telecellsmartphone just like the new Galaxy S21 Ultra will take extra practical night time pictures, however Huawei’s digital digicam functions definitely no noise, so they may be similar, however it’s going to rely on your priorities. Compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the Mate forty Pro’s night time image excellent is distinctly higher.

A near inspection regularly exhibits softer (much less sharp) night time pictures from the Mate forty Pro vs. P40 Pro, and that’s maximum in all likelihood because of the shortage of OIS which could significantly assist in low-mild.

In gentle lighting fixtures (no HDR) the Huawei Mate forty Pro digital digicam has a tendency to seize a far brighter image than what you spot. This isn’t new and there’s no doubt that the Note 20 Ultra captures a far extra practical image. However, Mate forty Pro plays thoroughly in a few IQ attributes which include noise, and its colours are higher than P40 Pro+.

The Mate forty Pro’s fashionable colour enhancements increase to night time imaginative and prescient (NV). In the past, the amazing NV overall performance of Huawei cameras might include a crimson tint that’s traditional of super-excessive ISO pictures. The Mate forty Pro distinctly improves this component and captures extra herbal photographs than the preceding NV champion: the P40 Pro+.

Context image: what the eyes see
MATE forty PRO

P40 PRO+

A facet-via way of means of-facet indicates that the Huawei Mate forty Pro’s colours are extra correct than its predecessor. We have stated this for lots Huawei cameras and are satisfied approximately the improvement.

MATE forty PRO


Out of the box, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra takes pictures which are toward reality, however that’s now no longer the entire tale. More info whilst the whole S21 Ultra Uber IQ Camera evaluate comes out.

MATE forty PRO


Many human beings will ask for an iPhone 12 Pro Max contrast, and here’s the answer: in low mild, The Mate forty Pro is higher than the iPhone 12 Pro Max throughout the board: noise, publicity (HDR) colours, info, and texture.

MATE forty PRO


The Samsung Note 20 Ultra captures a extra trustworthy model of what your eyes are seeing (accurate brightness, colours), which makes the revel in extra predictable. In this instance, even in case you decrease the brightness of the Mate forty Pro image, it’s going to appearance quite unnatural.

MATE forty PRO

P40 PRO+

This indicates how Mate forty Pro loses a bit little bit of sharpness in comparison to P40 Pro+ in low-mild. However, the outcomes nevertheless appearance superb typical, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max contrast indicates that well.

MATE forty PRO


A true instance of advanced info, however the picturegraph filtering offers the Mate forty Pro image a moderate airbrushed appearance. The iPhone image alternatives up nuanced shadows and textures at the wall however is distinctly noisier and softer.

MATE forty PRO


Size-via way of means of-facet with a brightened up Context image so that you can see the real-international info.

Zoom Photography

The zoom overall performance of the Huawei Mate forty Pro is remarkably excessive and absolutely some of the top “zoom” cellular cameras withinside the international, however it does rank simply under the P40 Pro+ which could take barely extra targeted pictures in maximum cases.

The P40 Pro+ does seize finer info (visually accentuated via way of means of a sprucing clear out out), and this is very seen whilst searching on the crane and numerous info withinside the buildings.

That stated, Huawei has progressed the Mate forty Pro’s HDR and colour tuning over the P40 Pro+, and its pictures appearance extra herbal, with fewer artifacts than P40+. Overall, the Mate forty Pro does the proper aspect and also you won’t should colour-accurate to gain some thing practical.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a tendency to have the general great zoom seize of those 3 phones, specifically in excessive-evaluation scenes as P40 Pro would possibly lose a few info because of HDR tuning. The Note 20 Ultra indicates a balanced blend of sharpness, publicity, herbal colours and true texture/element renovation at that distance. This could be very great withinside the image on the primary constructing below construction.

Context image: we’re going to zoom 10X into the pink rectangle
MATE forty PRO

P40 PRO+

The Mate forty Pro captures a image that appears with better brightness and evaluation fidelity, however a easy Levels clear out out may want to accurate this at the P40 Pro+



The P40 Pro+ makes use of an picturegraph clear out out that sharpens the outlines however has a tendency to make instantly traces a piece wavy. Note the artifacts withinside the blue heritage and the lack of texture withinside the treetops.



The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s pictures characteristic better info, barely higher typical texture, and instantly traces.



To apprehend simply how effective those cameras are, allow us to examine the Huawei Mate forty Pro zoom with the iPhone eleven Pro’s. The lately reviewed iPhone 12 Pro Max is handiest barely higher for long-zoom pictures.

Ultrawide Photography

Huawei’s ultrawide images picturegraph excellent has ruled the enterprise for a while at a cost: it’s miles now no longer “as huge” (18mmvs. 13mm focal) as different competitors. You can determine what’s huge sufficient for you, and we’ll have a take a observe the picturegraph excellent even as mentioning that having a narrower discipline does include an picturegraph excellent advantage.

In Daylight images, the Mate forty Pro brings colour and texture enhancements over the P40 Pro+ which captured a reasonably practical belief of brightness however overshot a piece, main to moderate over-publicity followed via way of means of a few lack of info. Mate forty Pro corrects a number of it and famous small enhancements in each colours and info. It can also additionally barely lessen the brightness in a totally vivid scene, however typical it’s a win over P40 Pro+: the Mate forty Pro collection has the great Ultrawide picturegraph excellent.

Night pictures with the Mate forty Pro’s ultrawide display that the telecellsmartphone is over-capturing a piece whilst it comes to colours and picturegraph filtering. Visually, the Mate forty Pro appears to make use of better ISO, and after searching on the files, that’s certainly the case (ISO-5000 vs. 4000) and explains the better noise and brightness.

MATE forty PRO

P40 PRO+

The Mate forty Pro ultrawide digital digicam is a piece higher than the P40 Pro+’s in terms of colour and element renovation. Both are stellar, however P40 Pro+ become every now and then a piece too competitive with picturegraph filtering, and Mate forty Pro corrects a number of that.

Context image (crop): what the scene appears like
MATE forty PRO

P40 PRO+

A cropped view indicates that Mate forty Pro (ultrawide) captures purple’s diffused nuances withinside the upper-proper vegetation and the right texture of the spherical leaves withinside the middle. P40 Pro+’s HDR tuning makes it seize a piece extra info withinside the shaded areas.

Context image: the scene as visible via way of means of the bare eye
MATE forty PRO

P40 PRO+

As you could see, the colour colorings of the P40 Pro+ are extra correct can the brightness may be dialed lower back to a herbal appearance.

Mobile High End
2020-10Huawei Mate forty Pro

The Huawei Mate forty Pro has a first-rate digital digicam gadget that brings a far-wished raise in what we formerly taken into consideration as Huawei’s digital digicam’s Achilles heel: the colours.

Once again, new hardware involves store the day, and the brand new colour temperature sensor lifted the general Huawei low-mild and night time-imaginative and prescient picturegraph excellent to unparalleled levels.

This development helped sunlight hours images, however the new Ultrawide digital digicam got here out to be a toss-up with the P40 Pro+ one, possibly because of the brand new hardware’s early tuning. The zoom overall performance could be very excessive and similar with the Galaxy S20 Ultra however is simply shy from achieving absolutely the great degree.


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