Facebook Oversight Board Said to Launch Just Before US Presidential Election

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Facebook is finally launching its long delayed and completely independent Oversight Board. The launch is reportedly going to take place around mid-late October. The dates are just a few weeks before the November US presidential election. However, a senior board member has announced that he has no idea of whether it will hear any case associated to the contest.
The board is designed by Facebook in retort to the backlashes it received on its way of its handling scandalous and troublesome content. The new Board will in the beginning have the power to review its take that decides whether or not the posts in question are to be taken down from the platforms of Facebook and Instagram. It will also recommend suitable policy changes.
Alan Rusbridger, an Oversight Board member, told Reuters during an interview that the board looking forward to be launched during mid-October. However, the Board was meant to launch initially last year itself. But, the entire process was slowed down because of the novel coronavirus pandemic.
Rusbridger mentioned that he has no idea of the board will hear cases about the content that are or will be related to the upcoming USA presidential election. He said that any case that involves President Donald Trump posts were not the posts that the Board had looked into during the trial period.
“We haven’t done a Trump case,” was what Rusbridger said. Rusbridger is a former editor-in-chief of Britain’s Guardian news outlet. However, they have done a nudity case and a blasphemy case, as per the interview given by Rusbridger.
Facebook faced a lot of harsh criticism in the recent months. The backlashes were given out due to its decision to stay neutral and take no action, whatsoever, over the posts from Donald Trump that contained wrong information and deceptive and misleading claims about mail-in voting. The posts also had inflammatory and derogatory language about the anti-racism protests that had taken over the entire nation after the tragic and unjust death of George Floyd. Its smaller rival, the micro-blogging platform, Twitter, by distinction, took a praise-worthy action of attaching some fact-checking labels and warnings to the same political posts. It provided audience with truer knowledge.

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