Garmin Venu Sq, Venu Sq Music Edition GPS Smartwatches With Colour Touchscreen, 6 Days Battery Life Launched

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Garmin Venu Sq and Venu Sq Music Edition have finally been launched! They are the most recent GPS smartwatches launched by the company. Both the brand new models have the same list of specifications and features except for their inbuilt storage. The Venu Sq Music Edition will be able to store music directly from an online streaming platform like Amazon Music, Spotify, or Deezer. The Venu Sq series smartwatches are designed keeping in mind the efficient list of health and fitness monitoring and extended features that will help the users. The smartwatches come with a Pulse Oximeter function as well that detects the blood oxygen levels, which can be very useful in the coronavirus time.The Venu Sq series also offers heart rate features along with sleep tracking features.
Garmin Venu Sq, Venu Sq Music Edition price
Garmin Venu Sq is costs $199.99 that is approximately 15,000. The Garmin Venu Sq Music Edition, on the other hand, has a price point of $249.99 that is approximately INR 18,500 in the USA. The Venu Sq comes in three beautiful color options that are white or light gold, orchid or metallic orchid, and shadow gray or slate. As per the color options for Venu Sq Music Edition, there are four options. The options are light sand or rose gold, moss or slate, navy or light gold, and black or slate. You can buy these smartwatches as they are currently available for users on the official Garmin website.
Garmin Venu Sq, Venu Sq Music Edition specifications
The Garmin Venu Sq and Venu Sq Music Edition have almost similar specifications. The only exception comes through the storage. The Venu Sq Music Edition offers the storage of up to 500 songs that the users can listen to using Bluetooth headphones and speakers. The wearables smartwatches sport a 1.3-inch, that is 240×240 pixels, colour display. It has a touch support system and the safety is ensured by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. There is also an always-on mode on these extremely smart smartwatches. You will get menstrual cycle tracking, respiration tracking, sleep analysis, stress tracking, abnormal heart rate alerts, and hydration tracking.

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