How Cloning May Have Helped Access WhatsApp Chats in Sushant Rajput Case

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People are now wondering if the government and authorities can read your WhatsApp chats. The fear, doubts and speculations have come forward after Narcotics Control Bureau summoned some famous Bollywood stars like Deepika Padukone and Shraddha Kapoor for enquiry related to Sushant Singh Rajput’s case. The authorities got access to their WhatsApp chats and they want to know their association with drug consumption, if any.
If you are wondering how can someone retrieve chats, it is via mobile phone cloning. It’s quite an old technique that has been in use since ages.
Mobile phone cloning has been in practice for a very long time now and came into limelight in 2005 after some case in Bollywood. By this method, one is able to clone the entire data and cellular identity of one mobile phone into a completely different phone. It is to note that cloning is not legal for ordinary people and authorities can do it after completing all the legalities. The cloning will also transfer the IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity), the unique number allotted to your phone.
Experts in the field of cloning say that the process requires some good amount of programming skills. The process of cloning just takes a few minutes and within that short time, your entire data will copied from once dive to another. However, one needs to have physical access to the phone you would want to clone.
But, what many of you do not know is that one does not always need a proper cloning process as smartphones can be cloned using an app as well, that too without touching the smartphone.
After the completion of cloning, WhatsApp chats can be accessed on the new phone via the means of backup stored on the cloud. If you have an Android, backup would be available on Google drive and if you use an iPhone, backup would be available on iCloud. Even the verification SMS sent by WhatsApp on the registered number will arrive at the cloned phone. WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted by the backups are not.

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