Is Realme Working On Its First Under-Display Camera Phone?

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Realme might be working on a smartphone that is equipped with under-display camera. The tech geeks are guessing so because of a recent photograph posted by the brand’s executives. The picture of an unidentified phone was updated on a Chinese social networking platform called Weibo. The unidentified phone did not have any hole-punch space for the selfie camera. It might mean that Real is working on a under-display camera. Realme won’t be the first brand to work on an under-display camera. Many other top-notch brands are also working on under-display camera on their upcoming smartphones.
The photo of the unidentified phone was uploaded by Xu Qi Chase, Realme Vice President. He made sure to specify that apart from the fact that the smartphone does not have hole-punch space for camera, there’s no pop-up camera feature either. The absence of both the forms of cameras hints that the smartphone might just be Realme’s under-display camera. Madhav Sheth, CEO of Realme India, says that 5G module is extremely thick and hence, pop-up camera is not a possibility for it. If they were to add the feature of pop-up camera, they will have to reduce the batter quality or thinness. And, that could be a no for the users.
As of now, the executives of the company have not provided any information regarding the unidentified smartphone. They have not yet confirmed whether or not the smartphone has under-display camera.
Realme is not the first brand to be working on the under-display camera. ZTE Axon 20 5G was launched this month and boasts of under-display camera and claims to be the first camera in the world to have that feature. Xiomi has come up with third generation under-display camera technology that will reach the production stage by 2021 Honor and Oppo are also working on the technology.
The Under-Display camera technology is definitely a new technology for the users. Whether or not it will work among the users is yet to be seen. It will definitely increase the screen size of the smartphones that will have appealing effect on the users. But, if it will be as good as the advanced camera offered by some of the most profound brands is yet to be seen.

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