JBL Tune 225TWS True Wireless Earphones Review

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There are plenty of consumers for audio products and devices from new, upcoming, and exciting brands companies like Lypertek and OnePlus. However, it’s always advised to never ignore the well-established names that also include JBL. JBL is one of the oldest audio product and devices manufacturers in the world. JBL has quite a strong and profound presence in India, with a loyal user base and effective sharing network that still makes it into the mainstream Indian choice of buying products in the regular gadget stores. JBL also has an impressive reputation for strong and high-quality bass, and users searching for exciting, clear, dynamic and energetic sound will usually get just that with a pair of good JBL headphones or earphones.
The most recent in JBL’s expanding lineup of true wireless earphones is the newly launched Tune 225TWS, priced at INR 8,499.The brand has opted for a rather simple approach with these earphones. They promise simple and user-friendly connectivity and efficient JBL sound above everything and anything else. However, do you think it is this the best pair of true wireless earphones in the recent time that you can purchase for less than Rs. 10,000? Let us find out in our review.
You Won’t Even Feel the JBL Tune 225TWS In Your ears
We know that many listeners like a secure in-canal fitting with true wireless earphones. But, there are also a few advantages to the outer-ear fitting and that is what the JBL Tune 225TWS has to offer. It includes great comfort and some knack to listen to your surroundings as well. It is large in size but still, the JBL Tune 225TWS earphones are quite lightweight and you will not even feel them once you put them in your ears. When fitted in properly, the earphones will also offer a little bit of passive noise isolation. It will although allow a bit of ambient sound to filter in easily.
The charging case is so small that it could be easily fit in your back-pocket. It has all the necessary items including a USB Type-C port for charging. The charging point is available at the bottom and a battery indicator lights up just under the hood. It also offers magnetic latching as well as a snug. The case will securely hold the earpieces without a doubt. Like the earpieces, the case is also made up of plastic. Overall, it is built quite well and the price point is totally worth it.

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