Mi TV Master Supreme Commemorative Edition with 8K Resolution to Launch on September 28

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Mi TV Master ‘Supreme Commemorative Edition’ is to launch by Xiaomi on September 28. It is to note that the name is just the translated version and the official one is yet to be announced. The update on the development was posted on the Chinese website, Weibo, a micro-blogging site. The company has not released information on the specification as of yet. However, the official display poster of the TV says that it has 8K resolution and 5G connectivity. The size and price of the TV are not revealed yet but thanks to a different post, it is clear that the TV uses mini-LED technology. No one is sure when the new to-be launched TV will launch in India. The sour international relations between China and India are a major reason. It is also to note that Mi TV Master 65-inch 4K OLED that released before has yet not released in India.
One of the Xiomi’s employee informed through a post on Weibo that Mi TV Master Supreme Commemorative Edition will have 8K resolution, support 5G and will release on September 28. A separate post informed that Mi TV Master Supreme Commemorative Edition will also have Mini-LED technology. This means that the display flat-panel display with much better contrast ratios and more intense blacks when compared to the LCD panels.
For now, these are the only information provided by Xiomi. However, as there is still some time in the launch of Mi TV Master Supreme Commemorative Edition, it can be assumed that more information will be revealed in the upcoming days. The brand believes that the new TV will be a benchmark for ultra-high-end TVs at least for the next five years. By this information, one can assume that Mi TV Master Supreme Commemorative Edition will boast a refresh rate higher than 60Hz, HDMI 2.1 ports, real slim bezels, and a lot more.
In July, Xiamo had launched Mi TV Master 65-inch 4K OLED in China. It has advanced color accuracy and slim bexels aling with 120 HX refresh rate as well as 9-unit speaker system. It is priced around INR 1,40,000 and is yet to be launched in India.

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