Twitter to Start Testing Voice Direct Messages: Report

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Twitter is launching its new feature that allows the users to send voice messages through their direct messages (DMs). A senior member of Twitter has revealed that the social media and micro-blogging platform is planning to start testing the new feature of voice DMs. The first country to come up with this new feature after the testing is going to be Brazil. The existing users should not worry as the new feature will have an extremely simple interface. Twitter had recently launched its new feature of audio tweets exclusively for its iOS users. However, the latest update isn’t available for everyone as of yet.
Alex Ackerman-Greenberg, who is the product manager for DMs at Twitter, said that testing of the voice DMs will begin very soon. Alex Ackerman-Greenberg also mentioned that they were being reminded that users are looking for more options for how they express their views, thought and feelings in private as well as public conversations on the platform. Interestingly, Ackerman-Greenberg announced the publication, The Verge, about the new up and coming feature through a short 20-second voice message on Twitter itself.
The voice messages on one of the most popular social media platforms will not be difficult to use. The new and interesting Twitter feature of voice DMs is going to have an extremely uncomplicated interface. There will only be a play and a pause button. The product team of Twitter has, as per the sources, created an in-sync recording experience that makes it easier to convey, use, and send these messages as part of the conversation quite naturally, without breaking the flow. This makes the whole feature completely different from the existing audio tweets interface that the platform had released to only some of the existing iOS users in June.
The users will also have the option of reporting a message if in case the new going to be feature has any glitch or is not being used properly. Currently, users can send text messages, GIFs, images, and videos recordings and clips through and in their DMs. Ackerman-Greenberg has announced that the feature will be first tested in Brazil before anywhere else. However, there is no further information regarding when the new voice messages feature will be released for the users, even if it is just for testing to countries other than Brazil.

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