Is Bodyguard Barry Mannakee the “Greatest Love” of Princess Diana?

After separating from Prince Charles in 1992, Princess Diana admitted to having an extramarital affair with her former bodyguard, Barry Mannakee. In the series “The Crown”, only a slight reference is made about her relationship with her bodyguard. But in real-life it was more of a big deal.

In her private tapes with a voice coach, which were released after her death, Diana elaborates her relationship with an unnamed bodyguard, the “greatest love” of her life; the man she was “deeply in love” with. Someone for whom she would have happily given up everything and spend the rest of her life.

She never named the man, but the time events match perfectly with Barry. She said she met the gentleman when she was 24-25, exactly when Mannakee was assigned as her body guard, and that he died in 1987 in a motorbike accident, the same way Mannakee died.
Princess Diana was never convinced that it was actually an accident; maybe a sign of true affection we can say.

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