Metal Slug Getting New Title for Mobile, Looks Pretty Good


I remember being a young lad in the arcade, attempting to make it through a single level of Metal Slug. I sucked hard at the game, but I still enjoyed it. I’ve always wondered when we could expect a refreshed version of the classic title, and apparently, someone was listening to my thoughts.

Over on YouTube, a trailer for a new Metal Slug title created in partnership between SNK Games and TiMi Studios (subsidiary of Tencent Games) has been released, looking extremely similar to the game we all know from back in the day. The only difference is the game doesn’t look as cartoonish or pixelated as it did. It looks pretty good in this new style.

Details concerning launch are scarce. The video’s description lists “TBD,” so who knows when we can expect this. I really, really hope it’s soon though. If you need some old school Metal Slug on your phone today, you can try these ports out.


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