Minecraft and Terraria’s Love Child, Forager, Now Available on Android for $8


Forager, a game inspired by the original Zelda and obviously more modern titles like Minecraft and Terraria, is expanding its platform availability this week by heading to Android. Published by Humble Bundle and available for $8, Forager is a game with what appears to be no story. Instead of a narrative, the player simply does whatever they want to do in a sandbox, similar to other titles on the market.

Just because there isn’t a narrative doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. From reading the game’s description, it actually sounds pretty badass. “Forager invites players to be who they want to be, by embarking on an adventure to explore a vast world filled with secrets, puzzles, friendly characters and foes. Armed with just a pickaxe, players must craft, explore and gather resources to build and defend their bases.”


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