Pinterest will test livestreamed events with three days of creator workshops


Starting on May 24, Pinterest will host a three-day online event, in which the company will see livestream content from some of its most popular content creators. Pinterest shared details of how the trial will be one of its first public efforts to livestreaming Techcrunch.

The only way to watch the video will be through Pinterest’s app – although you can see a preview of each session on the company Website. In total, there will be 21 workshops, covering topics such as how to reproduce Pair of leggings and draw perfect bowl of guacamole. As someone watching the stream, you will have a chance to comment on what is happening with the person hosting the sessions. They will moderate on hand to ensure everyone in the chat stay civil. But what you won’t get is a shopping component associated with the experience.


Technically, this is not the first choice of Pinestras. Last year, the company tested a feature Class community This allowed people to sign up for online zoom classes through their app. However, outside of the signup mechanism, the Pinterest app was primarily intended to help those hosting classes to organize their student content. Pinterest did not tell Techcrunch How does it look at factoring in their future plans. The company has come relatively late in this format, with other platforms now having components for years.

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