Smack a Baseball Into Another Dimension Using the Infinity Gauntlet in Baseball Superstars 2020


A new baseball game from Gamevil is up for pre-registration on Google Play, but it’s not your typical baseball title. Baseball Superstars 2020 is a followup to a healthy list of games by the same title, which is actually an RPG series where you collect trainers who have fantastical powers on the diamond.

If you watch the game’s trailer, you might be a little confused as to what to expect in terms of gameplay. However, the game’s description is straightforward enough. It reads, “Collect and upgrade cool and iconic trainers to help you on your epic journey to become the best baseball team in the Galaxy!” Considering it appears that some characters can literally smack a ball into another dimension while wielding the Infinity Gauntlet, I’m pretty excited for this.

According to the pre-reg details, players will be able to manage a teams appearance, equipment, items, and more. Additionally, there are over 100 trainers to use that will help boost a player’s skill.


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