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The International Space Station will soon be retired, but a replacement likely won’t come from NASA

The Global Space Station started out in 1998 when its first sections were dispatched, and it’s presently beginning to show its age.
Since 2000, the ISS has ceaselessly housed a pivoting gathering of space explorers from 19 nations. The station has the lone lab for long-length microgravity research and has been instrumental in various logical improvements including making more proficient water filtration frameworks and investigating better approaches to treat illnesses like Alzheimer’s and malignant growth.
If the International Space Station is to be retired in 2024, what will  replace it? - Quora


“The Global Space Station is presently supported to work through essentially December 2024 with our concurrences with the worldwide accomplices,” said Angela Hart, chief of the Business Low Earth Circle Program Office at NASA. “In any case, as we are effectively attempting to keep on doing science and exploration, we comprehend that the ISS sooner or later will have its finish of life.”
Yet, NASA will probably not form the following space station. All things considered, the office will rely upon the innovation of outside organizations. A couple, similar to Sierra Space in Colorado and Houston-based Aphorism Space, are well en route to developing their own business space stations.
Watch the video above to dive deeper into the fate of the Global Space Station and the organizations pursuing structure their own space stations.


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