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Tim Cook receives over 5 million shares of Apple stock worth $750 million

Apple President Tim Cook got in excess of 5 million portions of Apple stock this week, selling the greater part of the stock for more than $750 million, as indicated by a SEC documenting posted by Apple on Thursday.
The tranche of stock is the last piece of the pay bundle that Cook got when he took over as Chief of Apple 10 years prior. Last year, he got another remuneration bundle that goes through 2026. Most of Cook’s pay is as limited stock units.
Apple's Cook receives, sells off over 5M shares of AAPL stock worth more  than $750M | AppleInsider


Cook got the biggest measure of stock he was qualified for under the 2011 arrangement, which relied upon how Apple’s stock performed contrasted with different organizations in the S&P 500.
Apple was in the top third of organizations in the accomplice, with absolute investor return of 191.83% in the course of recent years, positioning thirteenth out of 442 organizations, as indicated by the documenting.
Since Cook became President in 2011, Apple stock has risen over 1,200%.
Recently, Cook gave nearly $10 million worth of Apple offers to an anonymous foundation, as indicated by a SEC documenting. Cook recently said he will give his whole fortune to noble cause. An Apple delegate didn’t react to demands for input.


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