Twitch punishes Minecraft streamer for reporting a fraudulent donation


Update: After two months of back-and-forth communication, Verloren has had his Bits donations reinstated by Twitch. In an email sent to Verloren and seen by myself, the support desk told him: “We received your appeal request and conducted an investigation into the matter where it was determined that your ability to receive Bits can be restored.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this delay. Please accept this email as confirmation that your ability to receive Bits has been reactivated.”

Original story: Twitch has terminated a streamer’s ability to receive Bits—the platform’s virtual currency—after he reported a potentially fraudulent donation to the streaming site.

Verloren—a Minecraft streamer and Twitch partner—had received a 120,000 Bits donation off-stream in December, which works out to a pretty sizeable $1,200. Though he was initially excited, he then tentatively reported the donation to Twitch, telling me he was “concerned that maybe a 15-year-old was mishandling their parents’ money” without their permission.



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