Warzone devs revert unpopular change, streamer gets Raven logo tattooed on his butt


It’s a truth universally acknowledged that when one promises to get an unflattering tattoo on one’s arse in return for a favour, that favour should be extremely unlikely to eventuate. It’s a big deal, after all, getting a tattoo on one’s arse—especially if said tattoo is the logo for Raven Software, one of the several teams responsible for keeping Call of Duty: Warzone ticking over.

But now Kris Lamberson, aka Swagg of the FaZe Clan, a popular Warzone streamer, has a tattoo of the Raven Software logo on his arse. Here it is:

It started when Raven Software implemented a controversial change to the way Loadout Drops are acquired in Warzone. Purchased at Buying Stations, these items let you access a custom loadout for the price of $10,000 in-game cash, and have always been available right at the beginning of the match. But after the change, these Loadout Drops were only available to purchase later in a match, forcing players to cope with what they could find scattered around the map.

Swagg was among the most vocal opponents to this move, but he certainly wasn’t alone: heaps of Warzone players, celebrity or otherwise, loathed the new system. So it seemed a little risky when Swagg tweeted in January that he’d “tattoo raven software on my right cheek for you to revert the loadout change.”



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